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Mark gets shot and reveals that Gredenko will be meeting him there. Daniels convenes the Cabinet. Pressman gets angry with Doyle, who explains that he was investigating more. The issue of torture on the series was discussed by President Bill Clinton who stated that he does not feel there is a place in U.

The agents storm in and capture him. Jack manages to stop the drone, which gets damaged along with the bomb, leading to a radiation spill. Cheng Zhi then executes Hong. David Fury explained the development by saying that the intended writing direction kept fluctuating. The Hollywood Foreign Press Association.

24 (season 6)

Daniels approves it, and Doyle gets Josh into a helicopter while other agents hold Jack from stopping the mission. The protocol is that mundane events, such as travel, sometimes occur during commercial breaks and thus these events are largely unseen. The country's ambassador reveals that they have arrested a military general associated with Fayed.

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Pressman introduces himself instead of Yassir, and is killed by Zhou. They prepare to head to the consulate. Lennox and Hayes, who has returned to help with the crisis, disagree, but to no avail. Lennox makes an unsuccessful escape attempt.

He abducts Josh and takes him to a hotel. Jack arrives at the location he's meeting Cheng, and forces him to let Raines leave until she is safe before he hands over the circuit board. Screen Actors Guild Awards. They detain Jack and save Raines, but Cheng escapes with the circuit board. While crying over the loss of his friend Curtis, Jack watches in horror as a nuclear blast destroys Valencia.

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Wayne decides to continue with his plan to neutralize Assad. It's truly been an amazing and unforgettable eight days. The subsequent episodes, however, hardly showed any of the panic that would result from this. He manages to survive the explosion. Jack must uncover corruption within President Taylor's administration, which has allowed the Sangalans to raid the White House and capture Taylor.

Lennox gives the tape to Daniels. She is taken to medical care, and Lennox demands that Bishop upload the intel and cooperate to avoid the death penalty. McCarthy and Rita Brady, his girlfriend, abduct Morris.

He walks outside to a cliff and stares off at the ocean at an uncertain future. Meanwhile, Hayes convinces Sandra to consent with reviving Wayne, who orders the Air Force to stand down.

24 hours season 6

It is revealed that Fayed's brother died while being tortured by Bauer years ago. Buchanan informs Jack, who reveals that he has not talked to Phillip for years, but convinces Buchanan to let him investigate Phillip alone. Jack manages to locate the drone's pilot and crash land the drone, but radiation is released during the crash.

It was later decided that the film would begin after the conclusion of the eighth and final season. The original trailer for the sixth season opens with Kiefer Sutherland breaking the fourth wall and thanking the fans.

Wayne realizes that Bauer was right about Fayed and Assad. Other media includes action figures of some of the main characters, soundtracks from both the series and the video game, and a number of novels covering different events not covered in the series.

Jack tells a sleeping Audrey that even though he loves her, he must let her go for her own sake. Later Marilyn converses with Phillip, who is able to deduce Jack's plan to find Gredenko. Phillip spares Jack's life and leaves a cell phone with a phone number on it. Jack and Phillip manage to free themselves. Jack claims he can get information from Raines, who is entrusted to a psychiatrist from Division.

Jack tasks Chloe to check it. Bauer agrees without resistance.

Other sets were also constructed here, such as Charles Logan's presidential retreat shown in seasons five and six, and the White House bunker shown in seasons four and six. Heller apologizes, but convinces Jack that Audrey would be safer without him. Jack, Josh and Cheng manage to board the helicopter in time and they leave. This has been the role of a lifetime, cue club setup and I will never be able to fully express my appreciation to everyone who made it possible. Lennox approves the plan and starts gathering the necessary tools and information.

Bauer has an intentional car crash with the handler, damaging the handler's car. Fayed then kills the others and escapes. Doyle tasks her to check agent Nadia Yassir first, since she is a Muslim. Jack and Graem head to the family company, where Jack reunites with Phillip. Lennox starts investigating and finds out about Bishop, as well as his affair with Miller.

24 (season 6)

Each episode typically follows Bauer, officials in the U. Kiefer Sutherland and others.

24 TV Show - Season 6 Episodes List - Next Episode

24 TV Show - Season 6 Episodes List - Next Episode

She is later blackmailed by a fictional private military company in an attempt to release biological weapons on U. He confronts Buchanan for hiding the report from him. He asks her to free him so that he can stop Phillip. They find Fayed gone with one armed bomb left behind.