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Arunachalam is broken and hurt by the insult of Sr. Arunachalam challenges them that he would win the challenge and expose them to the world. Arunachalam owes to bequeath his inheritance to her so that she will become equal to him, which angers senior Vedhavalli.

Arunachalam (film)

Nandhini is appointed as his assistant to take care of expenses. Vedhavalli and leaves the house without informing anyone. However he overhears Vishwanath, Kurain, Prathap and Kaliaperumal talking about killing Rangachari to take away all the assets. On the last day of handover, during the final minutes, Arunachalam's friend comes to him with Rs.

However, his plan backfires, due to the quartet who make him to earn more money from the selling rights. He got a letter of her which stated that they have a son named Arunachalam.

Their wedding proposal is happily accepted by the elders in their family except the senior-most person of the family, Arunchalam and Vedhavalli's grandmother, Senior Vedhavalli Vadivukarasi. She never likes Arunachalam and always shows hatred.

Rangachari gets angry and threatens to complaint against them to the police, but they threaten to kill them. Ramasamy and producer Madurai Nagaraja. During a meeting, Kathavarayan's speech makes people angry at him and Arunachalam declares that he is apologising to them for nominating a wrong person and asks them not to vote for him. Meanwhile, Vedhavalli gets angry at Arunachalam for not helping her and her family during their financial crisis and she suspects that he has an affair with Nandhini.

Arunachalam Tamil Movie

Meanwhile, the media gets to know about the happenings and it is telecast across the state. He tells that Vedhachalam instructed him to play a videotape of when Arunachalam was found where Mr. Rajinikanth lost his sentimental Rudraksh bead during the shooting of the film and was shocked and upset to note that his Rudraksh was missing.

This article's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. His brother refuses to marry her, stating that she does not match his status and money. Vedhavalli realises her mistake.

As he knew Rajini would not change the story for working with Sundar, but he would change the director. Arunachalam and Vedhavalli unite finally. He inquires what his name is, to which Arunachalam replies.

Arunachalam (film)

Arunachalam initially refuses to take up the challenge and says the videotape is enough for him and decides to return to his village to proudly say about his father. The movie was also commercially successful.

The next day, Arunachalam goes to the office to meet Nadhini's father and he misses his rudraksh there. But Arunachalam does not reveal the truth to Vedhavalli as he wants to keep up his father's words. Theatrical release poster. Senior Vedhavalli also realises her mistake and consents for their wedding.

After series of struggles and fights, skype messenger full version for windows 8 Arunachalam hands them over to police. She gets attracted towards Arunachalam and slowly love blossoms between them. Ammayappan comes to Chennai to take Arunachalam back with him to the village and is surprised to see the wedding arrangements with Vedhavalli waiting for him. The film was later dubbed and released in Telugu under the same name.

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The music was composed by Deva. He is well known for his simplicity, honesty and helping tendency. Nandhini and Arunchalam explain to Rangachari about the evil doings of the quartet. He meets Vedhavalli one day and goes to her home only to get insulted by Vedhavalli's father. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise.


She consents to wedding with her father's choice. The family leaves without informing Arunachalam, which shocks him. Finally he is about to win and he spends the final leftovers in a farewell party. Arunachalam enters the meeting room and Rangachari is shocked to see Arunachalam. Senthil Kumar handled the cinematography.

Rajinikanth Soundarya Rambha. He also mentioned Rajinikanth is the one who called Sundar C. He ordered a search at the shooting spot at midnight and with the help of the giant lights used for shooting, he later found the divine bead after a while. Finally he jumps into politics starting a party, nominating his friend Kathavarayan for the upcoming election. She also insults him and indirectly insists that he leave their house.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Arunachalam is a Indian Tamil language action political drama film directed by Sundar C and written by Crazy Mohan. Arunachalam and Rangachari's colleagues Kaliaperumal V. Brewster's Millions play Zip Goes a Million musical. Next he buys bumper prize lotteries, which also gets him to win ample amounts of money, He then produces a movie with his friend Arivazhagan, hoping it will fail commercially.

He vigorously campaigns for him and lavishly spends all the money so fast. Arunachalam understands their true intention and accepts the challenge to spend Rs.