Ashampoo Photo Commander 9

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Multiple wizards help users find the perfect solution every time. Geotagging support makes it easy to search images and visualize their locations on a map and various advanced filter and grouping modes help with keeping track of huge collections. Everyone's experience will be different depending on the hardware they are using. Advertisements or commercial links. Organizing the data is first on the list, but you can also edit an image, scan it, create albums, animations, calendar or collages.

Although the name hints at the purpose of the application, Ashampoo Photo Commander is more than a simple organizer for the images on your computer. Ashampoo Photo Commander can weld your pictures into stunning collages or create slideshows and calendars with the images or a photo mix. There is plenty of room for individuals to customize the program as per their own tastes, so no need to accept defaults. It seems to be brilliant for optimising and editing pics that I can open. Which version is it exactly.

Its skills go beyond arranging the items as it can process pictures and rename or resize them, weld them into a slideshow, collage or album as well as edit them. Ashampoo's true claim to fame is their Burning Studio, which is a great alternative to Nero. If you have a big screen to fit all the accessories without having to scroll for them the suite handles quite easily. This is a good download, for free.

Ashampoo has your software

Gamma, brightness and contrast are subject to modifications just like the color depth. While it may not challenge Photoshop as a pro graphics solution, it's as much as most users could ask for or need in a photo suite. Need to create a calendar, greeting card or internet album?

As for this software, I like this program. Ashampoo suipport is excellent! The classics, such as grayscaling, sepia tint, blurring, sharpening or inverting colors are placed in a handy position, while the others follow down the list.

It is a simple code, but it is a lot faster to be generated automatically instead of writing it yourself. The entire procedure is much clearer now and all the actions and messages are highlighted better. Even the hint of that is assinine! Its so-called photo optimization controls produce mediocre output.

Automatic improvement options and results are pretty good. However - the very first two things I looked for don't seem to be supported? The interesting part, however, is that you can search for doubles of a specific picture or duplicates for any image.

But I will give Ashampoo a miss because I am sick and tired of their repeated emails for one thing or another. In fact, I always upgrade all of my Ashampoo software at the upgrade price. Ashampoo Photo Commander already proved its versatility, but it does not stop at this, because batch processing, sanjay library software batch renaming photos and finding duplicates are on the list as well. The program also comes with a myriad of features to help with photo management.

Get over it and give out your email. To get you familiar with the interface, the moment the app is launched you are welcomed by a tutorial explaining the different parts of the program window and their purpose.

Skip it and worry about that later after you reboot. Depending on the output format there is a configuration button that allows you some customization of the result filters, optimization, encoding, compression, etc.

Or, as others have suggested, use an alternative email. Sometimes something can go wrong and it my not be the install programs fault. Pros I love its ease of use. Going out now, back tonight. Cons Not as easy to use as the older versions but in Ashampoo's defense there is a lot more that can be done with this version.

Recognize me automatically uses cookies Forgot password? Frequently used functions automatically appear in the quick access menu so they're always just one click away for faster results!

Through these options the images can be resized, automatically optimized contrast and colors or applied a watermark. It is a possibility or it is a possibility that I messed up the install. The installation messed up my system. The newly developed panorama function creates breath-taking widescreen images.

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Last year, when this was offered, I upgraded. As for the email, once I've opted out within a week or so, no more emails.

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When the first two options tried disappoint me I am reluctant to start creating groups, tags etc on some photos! Creating collages is particularly easy and turns single photos into a masterful composition for every occasion. The program also offers various manual settings to adjust brightness, color temperature and gamma values to precision through simple sliders. Even stunning collages no longer pose no problem!