Restart Windows, then create a manual Restore Point immediately before applying any of these patches. Click here for the companion patch that deactivates this. This man wrote the book on the Windows Registry! Useful for solving a variety of woes. Read about it here before using it.

Running them is your own responsibility. Set a restore point first! Below are Registry patches that can be downloaded and used for the purposes indicated. They'll be automatically reinstalled.

Optical drives don't need any extra drivers. Do you already have an account? Edit the hex value to any number you wish. The drive will be automatically reinstalled.

Do not type the Q in front of this. Does the screen saver pop up during your Defrag operations and keep forcing it to restart the process?

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Maybe your icon cache is too small. When this occurs, tetromino revolution the cause is corruption of Registry keys which this patch repairs.

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Opens up a new window, I chose to download the file from the drop down bar, nothing happens. Having trouble with icon refresh and display? Reboot the computer freshly, then create a manual Restore Point immediately before applying any of these patches. Restore cascading Start Menu menus.

Registry Patches

This patch tweaks Disk Cleanup to clean all temp files you select regardless of date. Repairs some cases of lost drag-and-drop ability.

This file stands a good chance of restoring it in Windows Millennium. You may want that, for example, when troubleshooting a stubborn startup problem. At least two of them, in fact. Never make changes to your Windows Registry without first backing it up. This patch simply turns that off.

If you are in the second group, this patch will disable it you can still access it from the View menu. Stop Office Clipboard Toolbar from Appearing.

Force Application Closure at Shutdown. Restore Explorer Thumbnail Preview capability.

This file saved me a lot of time and effort. If applications routinely hang during Windows shutdown, this patch will force them to close. This popular patch will expand it. Receive notice whenever this page is updated.


Several very useful Registry tweaks, especially for repairing various things that have gone wrong with the Windows user interface. Therefore, it is even more important than usual that you back up the Registry before applying this!

Any third party package still required will then have to be re-installed. Can be adapted to other purposes as you see fit, as well. If problems result, restore your prior Registry from the backup you made.

Uninstall the drive through Device Manager. Check out the forums and get free advice from the experts.

Back up the Registry and other start files to a folder on your hard drive for easy recovery in the event of a problem. Uninstalled it, restarted, nothing. In that case, this file will fix it. Edit the file in Notepad to see instructions on removing this characteristic. Microsoft does not recommend this change.

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