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On the snowfield dodge the bombs lobbed over the treetops by jumping so you're in the air when they explode. He can't jump or crouch in the overhead perspective levels. But, if you are playing alone and there is no one to come and play the second player, all hope is not lost.

If the player gets hit only once by the enemy, it would be enough to kill the player. You have to remember to do this as you will find power-ups hidden in strange places. The wild and creative alien goobers from previous Contra episodes are gone, replaced by a nondescript band of soldier strongmen. At the player select menu, you pick one of six screen positions for him to guard for five seconds. At anytime during the game the second player can come in, and help you out.

In the beginning of the game, you can pick which of the four characters you want to use. Sun City is the city of the future, but the rising crime rate makes this place dangerous for living. It's nothing radical, but it helps you pass tricky spots. In some spots you can leap over the laser altogether! It's the Falcons last line of defense, and it's a deadly one!

Contra action continues in the newest edition of the series. Contra known as Gryzor in Europe and Oceania is a video game produced and published in by Konami, need for speed game torrent well known today for developing soccer simulators.


Each character comes with his own weapons, skills, speed and jumping attributes. Wipe these sensors out to advance to the next defense zone. Konami's Contra is a true classic in every sense of the word. PhotoPad Image Editor is a simple image editing application with a variety of features. Another difference is that you don't find your weapon, as each character has their own specialized weapons at the start of the game.

Blast this large alien boss by standing right up against the wall and shooting diagonally. Next, jump to the ledge where you're out of reach of the gunfire of the sensor, and then blast the guns to smithereens from this safe position.


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Your adventure begins as you battle hordes of alien soldiers through the jungle alongside of the Amazon River. The control is clean, but often hampered by a too-slow-to-scroll screen. The music and sounds are unobtrusively average. Study the tiring patterns of the lasers. Blast the boss at the end of this zone by shooting him and then somersaulting over him when he attacks you!

The player can control up to four different characters, but he will have to choose one of them in the beginning of the game. Three standard side-view stages and two top-view levels form the shorter-than-usual mission.

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Destroy these first and the entire gate may blow up without your having to destroy the other sensors. Once the action starts in this game, it never lets up.

If you like to run and gun on the fly, prepare to attach super glue to your combat boots. The Rescue Paul and Vince must traverse jungles, battlefields, enemy hideouts, and the like in this six-Act mission of blood and steel. You can safely blow up its head without being shot.

You each get three lives and you can earn extra lives by completing different levels. Destroy the Sensor at the end of the jungle by first taking out the sniper and the cannon.

This game is still like Contra though, because there is still plenty of action, and you have to fight your way through the various areas, then destroy the end boss in each level of the game. If you are playing the game and are about to lose your last life, you can switch your player to one of the other three. The game was popular also because it came with a two-player gameplay, which was rather uncommon at that time.

This cart has you out to stop enemy forces from control of the planet. Then you'll find yourself running along an eerie snowfield where aliens lob bombs at you from behind trees and giant bulldozers try to run you down. What's nice about the overhead screens is the fact that you don't just charge straight head, rather you can move around almost everywhere giving you the chance to explore the whole level.

Some gates inside of the bases have large central sensors. In the American and European versions the story is a bit different.