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The tumblers are made in such a way that pouring into the mouth is made easy. It started with some Americans noticing, in Silicon Valley Indian expatriates using this strange looking pair of utensils for drinking beverages from, especially coffee. Just love watching them do the swing motion. The mouth should not touch the rim.

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Seen above are similar to cup and saucer except the shape and material is slightly variant. We have to pour the drink into our mouth. Especially if they are elders around.

It may come as a surprise. But they could not substantiate the claim that the Tumbler adds flavour to the coffee, unless the washing is not thorough. Customer response is expected to be positive.

The way they pour the coffee from one container to the other without spilling it, itself is an art. Ceramic ware tend to suffer damages during washing while the stainless steel utensils last long. Teams of experts were sent to India.

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It took me couple of months to learn this technique, but achieved it gradually. These crockery have been following our traditions for centuries.

It was observed that the locals tried to do the same when offered the beverage in a cup and saucer, with disastrous results! It is seen as unhygenic and disrespectful to sip and drink from tumbler. The rim also helps in dissipating heat serving as a cooling fin.

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Drinking filtered coffee in Davara Tumbler is the best. My parents still use the davara tumbler for drinking coffee at my house, eventhough my siblings, online dating free meals husband and I use our morning mugs. To my surprise they were using Davara Tumbler for drinking coffee or tea. The rim in both Tumbler and Davara helps in a firmer grip. They also found the people usually transferring a portion of hot liquid into the Davara and cooling it by blowing on it or swirling it.

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On enquiry they were told that these are widely used in South India because of some special advantages and that they added a unique flavour to hot coffee. In my culture we are not allowed to sip and drink any drink. Some drink water or coffee continuously without taking a rest.

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Their throats work in such a way that the drink flows down their throat. Whenever we visit any family houses in Tamilnadu we are given coffee in these containers.