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How will the McQueens react to their new housemates? All the cast have been lovely and welcoming. Unlike other cases he wasn't even victimised and there was no justification for his hatred.

Disproportionate Retribution at its finest. Just then, an explosion in the flat below rips through the house, killing Ash. When she entered the arena, the audience jeered and booed her. He convinces Texas to marry him.

Bearclaw immediately blames Bryce's father for his father's death, and gets into a fight with Bryce that Kirk is forced to break up. One of the prisoners he sentenced to death swore vengeance.

Sins of Our Fathers

Nyarlathotrot, God of Tragedy and Horror, has a murderous grudge against Applejack. Dodger is charged with her murder after video footage emerges showing him looking shocked and distraught after leaving Texas's. Will becomes very controlling of Ash after there is mild flirting between her and Dodger, prompting Will to become very jealous. After some arguments, the two agree to get married. Dodger takes the blame for Nico and goes on the run, Will is in a coma but is revealed to be awake after Dirk says that he wishes Will was dead.

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However, no one wants to pay fair wages to workers, so slaves are used instead. Will lures Ash to a cliff edge and tries to pluck up the courage to push her off but changes his mind when Ash tells him the truth about visiting Anna. She mentioned to Dirk that since he died she has changed and the reason why she stolen expensive hard drives from her ex-boyfriend. Dodger gets distracted when he sees Sienna tied up by Will and Sienna tells Dodger that Will has the girls on the boat about to kill them both. Will makes sure he is home before Ash awakens so that he can use her as an alibi.

Luffy suffers from this as well, due to being the son of Revolutionary Dragon. She even agrees to be Negi's magic trainer. He writes a journal describing how he got there, but due to amnesia, forgets all about it once freed.

Later, Sharpe asks Barabbas for his forgiveness, which is given, and at the end Barabbas saves Sharpe's life. Valya seems happy to allow let the rest of the Atreides live, especially since Vorian beseeched his descendant to let it go.

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And is now transferring her other feelings towards the father to the son. While many of her fellow Teen Titans assure her otherwise, Raven has often had this problem herself. Dodger has a standoff with Will and disowns him, before being crushed by a pile of rubble. It's also because he grew up under the eye of their ultimate enemy Galbatorix. Fortunately, Hohenheim is working to make amends for his mistakes, and joins his sons in their counterattack late in the game.

Mainomai's partner Tyr is incensed by the unfairness of taking it out on the innocent descendent rather than the adulteress herself and manages to break the Curse. Once Cho is retrieved with a Portkey, she tells how the spell didn't hurt at all. Dirk does visit Will in prison, but he says he wants nothing more to do with him. Fortunately, Chiyo realizes the sins of the father are not the sins of the son.

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Will asks her to change her placement, which she does but not before coming clean to Anna about dating her son. Likewise, he wants to murder and subjugate non-blacks as retribution for their historical crimes against black Africans. They both survive, but after Will unintentionally broke Dodger's fall by hitting the ground first, he is terrified to realise that he has lost feeling in both his legs again, for real this time. Fusion Reborn movie, Frieza declared he would get satisfaction against Goku, the man who previously defeated him, south african women dating site by killing his son Gohan. She's also physically abused whenever her brother wins a battle against Joffrey's men.

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Murtagh from Eragon is imprisoned by the Varden due to the crimes his father did. Fenrir Greyback bit Remus Lupin in retaliation for Lupin's father offending him. Eventually the men of the family were caught by a mob and tortured at the stake. Will then goes to court for his trial of his crimes, but he fakes an illness and runs to the toilets where he causes a fire and escapes by knocking out a police guard and dressing up as a fireman.

Kennedy and his brother Robert as they try to navigate the Cuban Missile Crisis is the fact that their father, Joseph P. And to make matters worse, he holds the whole family responsible for all of his misfortunes despite being out of contact for years. They got upset when they found out Kiritsugu was already dead. William Bearclaw, the son of the captain, and Nancy Bryce, the daughter of the science officer, are serving as trainees aboard the Enterprise at the time.

By the same token, Abulurd's descendants vow revenge on the descendants of Vorian Atreides, which is how their feud started. Sienna attempts to free the hostages, but Will returns and overpowers her, taking the gun she had found off her. Will then calls Dodger and tells him that he can only save Maxine or Theresa but not both. Dodger tries to save him, but Will intentionally drags him off of the roof, and they both plummet to the ground. Happens in the Legends of Dune prequels.

Rather than playing for the Blue-Eyes White Dragon card like she thought, they were actually playing for who would get the last of their water after they were trapped in a tomb together. Every hundred years, on the anniversary of the prisoner's execution, a male descendant of the judge suffers death by strangulation. The two were lovers a long time ago, but when one of the two fell deathly ill, the other successfully transferred the soul from the dying body to another living human's. Everyone playing the Judge game except Hiro and Hikari are the sons and daughters of those involved in the trial regarding the death of Atsuya, Hiro's brother and Hikari's boyfriend.

When Kira finally meets him, he manages to convince Rey that Rau's sins were his own and that Rey can make his own choices. Will admits to his mother Anna Blake Saskia Wickham that he killed Texas and she takes the blame because she doesn't want Will to go to prison. The main reason why some of the shinobi lands are war-torned blood-soaked hellholes?

The villain wants revenge, and, because the murderer has since died of unrelated causes, decides to kill her daughter instead. They have to stop the machinations of Dante, a spurned lover of Hohenheim of Light's. She later returns for Dodger, but Will reveals their affair.

This seems to be a very big theme in the One Piece world. Manette was unjustly imprisoned by two twins after he flubbed to the police about them raping a peasant girl and killing her brother. Also during the Dressrosa arc, the female gladiator Rebecca suffers from this due to being the granddaughter of the previous, hated Dressrosa king who Doflamingo deposed. Under hard questioning by Ernst Kaltenbrunner, Langer admits the ties of his family.

The Enterprise later discovers that there was nothing that could've been done by the Gallant, as the Klingons were using artificial wormholes to literally appear out of nowhere. Which, obviously, is hardly something that Sidney can be held personally responsible for. The killer explains that his motive for wanting to kill Sidney is that her mother Maureen had an affair with the killer's father, which caused his parents to divorce and his own mother to run away. He is unfortunately imprisoned in the brutal Bastille, which eats away at his sanity. This is completely undone when Luffy injures Chinjao in such a way that restores his ability to reach his treasure.

Said descendant was from a branch line that had renounced demon-hunting long before her birth, and happened to be totally ignorant of her ancestor's crimes. The resulting clusterfuck culminates in Naruto outing both while fighting Han. It's speculated in Fanon that one of the main reasons Naruto's heritage was kept a secret was because of all the enemies his father had, who would target him as a substitute primarily Iwa. Knowing that she plans to leave him, Will pretends to have an aneurysm to make her stay.

The village fountain has more personality than her - and is only slightly less wet. Although she lightens up a bit when learns that Nagi is actually still alive.

Since they gave up their rights as World Nobles, they were hunted down by the locals, with the matriarch eventually dying of illness. The title character plans to kill his enemy Fernand's son Albert as part of his revenge, Invoking the trope by name.