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India has also been a cradle to many games. Use your mouse to move the ninja and click to throw a shuriken. Gilli-Danda is a game more or less similar to Cricket. Thank you for visiting our website! Super Mario - Time Attack Remix.

If the fielders are unsuccessful at catching the ball, the danda is used to measure the distance from the hole to the place where the gilli has landed. Welcome to Safooo Games play online zone! Besides strategy, he knew that these games involved the generous use of stones, sticks, iron rods, tyres and shoes. Schedule Campaign Tracker Modi Meter.

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The payment received from these products helps subsidise the running costs of the site. However, none of these materials were used to hurt, though injuries were a common sight. Players are divided into two teams or just two players can play. It is traditionally played between two teams belonging to different villages and also during village fairs and festivals.

Vertex to vertex collisions were integrated to give a perfect collision feel. Help Batman train by maximizing his power in breaking bricks! All rights and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

The player then uses the danda to hit the gilli at the raised end, which flips it into the air. Click here for printer friendly version. Being an amateur game, the rules for Gilli-Danda varies across different parts of South Asia. Characterization of the game elements for which a village looks was fixed upon to bring out the essential and original rural feel. The fielder closest to the fallen gilli attempts to hit the danda with the gilli from the place where the gilli fell.

These games have been forgotten and taken over by elite games like cricket, tennis, golf and badminton. This traditional Indian game requires exceptional hand-eye coordination, ability to catch and strong wrists. During team games, players are split into two teams.

The gilli becomes airborne after it is struck. The team that wins the toss will choose either to bat first or field first. The team came up with this proposition after a few extensive brain storming sessions. Complete the shooting targets in the shortest period of time.

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To verify, just follow the link in the message. Implementation of Superior lighting and shading effects for improved game view. Use your lethal throwing stars to kill the invading ninjas. To begin the game, the gilli is is placed across the hole in the circle. It is played by hitting the shorter stick with the longer one.

The game is played between two teams with one team on strike while the other fields. Sometimes the gilli may be balanced on a stone in an inclined position, with one end touching the ground and the other in air.

Gilli-Danda A dying Indian traditional game

The game is also played in many variations and the scoring depends on how many times the gilli was hit in the air. Jachigi in South Korea is also very similar to Gilli-Danda. All elements to be hit by the Gilli were given a traditional appearance, to bring distinctiveness from the counterparts of other sports game apps. Should it fall safely, sound scheme for windows 7 then the distance between the Gilli and the Centre of the circle is measured using the Danda.

In the centre of the circle make a small oval-shaped hole. Do you have a favourite Worldwide game that you want to share with all our readers? Aim To get the highest score by hitting the gilli the furthest. If a fielder catches the gilli, the striker is ruled out. The boys played everything from lagori, where two teams have to unheap a bunch of flat stones piled atop one another, to gilli danda, which is played with two wooden sticks.

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He needs your help to return with the gang and get out of This Creepy Palace. Ninja Shuriken Assault Use your mouse to move the ninja and click to throw a shuriken. To give the game a boost and give it a serious form of sport, the government- run Swarnim Gujarat Sports Universtiy has formed rules for the game. Interruptive testing was also done to check for game continuity in case of a gap during gameplay. Why for a fan is it more than just a sport?

Mortal Highway Drive at full speed in this freeway avoiding the other cars. Standing in a small circle, the player balances the gilli on a stone in an inclined manner somewhat like a see-saw with one end of the gilli touching the ground while the other end is in the air. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Otherwise, the distance from the centre point to the point where the gilli has fallen is measured using the danda, with one danda length equalling one point.

But if you enjoy playing sports games online, we are trying hard to develop best and most realistic sports games available today. The winner is the team with the higher score.

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If he misses or gets caught, the next player will strike and the game continues till all the players of one team are out. The game is generally played in the streets or any open spaces and a ground is not a necessity. As it is the case with many Indian traditions, Gilli-Danda is slowly evaporating off India. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.

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If the gilli hits the danda, or falls so that it remains in the circle, then the batter is out. Link to our Family Games Home page. If it travels a certain distance with two mid-air strikes, the total points are doubled.