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He wanted us to show Mao the same thing. Gii patiently held on as his breathing quieted and his thoughts stopped racing, and as Takumi bravely grabbed a handful of the other's jacket and gripped it tightly. Kyousuke made a pained sound, and the elder actor instantly cursed himself. So fan girls had the chance to see DaiMao clearly. Mao wore a silver jacket and black pants.

Gii's hand slowly lifted and reached out to brush his palm against Takumi's cheek, to slide his fingers into the soft black hair. Suddenly, Elle arranged us into a horizontal line, I stood with the face against Daichan, and Chuoi stood with the back against him, so that he could see both the front and the back of our T shirt. His legs were so much thin with these clothes. Last came the big brother Mao spoke of with such fondness, who bowed and exchanged pleasantries with a suspicious look on his face.

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They like Watanabe-san, I don't expect they'll have a problem. This was a practice Daisuke had incorporated into their rehearsals, a way for him to give the other a short time to get mentally prepared. That theory was blown out of the water when Daisuke pushed his tongue into the open mouth, and Kyousuke accepted it and even met it with his own.

He was Watanabe Daisuke again, and he and his co-star Hamao Kyousuke were in the latter's bedroom, clever dating texts not the concert hall of Shidou Academy. Hamao's Takumi is painfully confused by Watanabe's Gii's sudden coldness in behavior and change in appearance and I was right there with him.

After a long time, I thought that it was over. It took us a long time to drive a big round to reach the buses. Maybe we can at least do it for the publicity photos. Mao started to walk up and down the passage-way near them. We waved to Daichan, he waved back and smiled.

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After a long long time walking up and down, there were still no one speaking to him, Mao got upset and press the elevator to go downstairs. Going around the center, then DaiMao said goodbye to the tourists and left. They were upset until Chuoi tried to explain them that Mao was on his tour, if he agreed to shake hands with other fans, it was not fair to the tourists. Shinnosuke only sighed sadly, though, picked the boy up in a tight embrace and held him closely.

They were running lines, not having a romantic reunion, and once again, Daisuke felt a twinge of regret. He put his hands on Daisuke's shoulders, and pulled him down until their mouths crashed together again. It would be our farewell party, because we would check out tomorrow. DaiMao walked some steps into the center, then suddenly turned back, went into a taxi and left the center quickly. Our group came back to the room, we intended to take a rest before having dinner.

Welcomed so eagerly, he grew bolder, moving his mouth to Kyousuke's neck, letting a hand drift under his shirt to touch the stomach. We had dinner, then came back to the hotel to wait for DaiMao. The place was rather small. Inconsiderately, they probably didn't think to film these sessions.

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He glared at Shinnosuke, who at least was looking worried himself. But the weather was so hot, so Daichan had to lose his scarf after a short way. All the staff were behind them in a different taxi. We had breakfast, then came back to the hall to wait for DaiMao.

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The lucky angel smiled at us again. DaiMao stood there, talked to the staffs.

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At first, they visitted Bang Pa-in, a big and wide place, where fan girls could stalk them easily. So I tried to just enjoy being Gii, and if I can't be more than that, that's fine. Poor Mao, he just walked a short way, and sweated like being picked up from a lake. But we're not even shooting until after your birthday.

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The idea of him being violently protective is just something that amuses me, and I know some other fans feel the same. It was too much, too fast, too close.