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What is hip-hop to you, and how does a culture express itself with it? At that time, Hong Kong's constantly growing music industry acknowledges simply by using those hits, whose already gained popularity, will be the easiest way to reach success in the market. This article's Criticism or Controversy section may compromise the article's neutral point of view of the subject. Western-influenced music first came to China in the s, specifically through Shanghai. Hong Kong University Press.

Their production adds dynamics to the music culture. Cantopop songs are usually sung by one singer, sometimes with a band, accompanied by piano, synthesizer, drum set and guitars. Cantorock were introduced. The Western music was popular since s as the official language was English at that time. They immediately expand to the Mandarin market once their fame is established, hence pure Cantopop stars are almost nonexistent.

The lyrics written in colloquial Cantonese make up the majority with compositions done in modern written Chinese. They are composed under verse-chorus form and are generally monophonic. Radio stations China Record Corporation. By the s, Cantonese music in Hong Kong was still limited largely to traditional Cantonese opera and comic renditions of western music. At the turn of the century, Cantonese was still dominant in the domain of Chinese pop.

For example, Yumiko Cheng owed her company thousands of dollars. Josephine Siao is also another artist of the era. Want to know the various styles and artists that comprise modern Hong Kong hip-hop? However, due to contractual disputes with PolyGram, Hacken Lee never became one of the members, and was replaced by Cheung and Lai, who were both with the same record company.

Samuel Hui is regarded by some to be the earliest singing star of Cantopop. The period ended in its height with Teresa Teng. There are also Japanese songs with Cantonese lyrics. International Council for Traditional Music. Like Japan, audio cassettes have never been big sellers in Hong Kong.

Having a creative outlet allows you to tap into a home. Reflections on Music Authenticity.

Jenny Tseng was a notable addition from Macau. However, the bands emerged in this first wave were just copying the western music style, mostly covering British and American rock songs, and prefer singing in English rather than Cantonese. Creative multilingualism in Hong Kong popular music. State University of New York Press.

Mandarin pop and Chinese music. In Cantopop began a new upswing.

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Today, Cantopop is the dominant form of music with strong associations to pop culture. Politics and social life were popular subjects for the bands in their creation. The word carries a different meaning when sung in a different relative pitch. This section possibly contains original research. The discussion page may contain suggestions.

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Many singers from Taiwan came to Hong Kong creating a spectrum of Mandarin pop. As a result, Cantopop is no longer restricted to Hong Kong, but has become part of a larger music movement. The Music of Hong Kong is an eclectic mixture of traditional and popular genres. The musicians soon gave up traditional Chinese musical instruments like zheng and erhu fiddle in favour of western style arrangements. Outside of the music sales, chelsea themes for windows 7 their success can also be gauged by their income.

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Problems playing these files? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mandarin also dominated the language of cinematography until the emergence of Cantonese counterparts in the mids.

Most of them were the just-grew-up generation, or the music lovers of the western Avant-garde music, also the Euro-American Rock -band lovers. Exploring Hong Kong Island. Her songs were popular even in mainland China. Prior to the development of popular music in the s, Hong Kong's musical output was dominated by Cantonese opera and English pop. Yearbook for Traditional Music.

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Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. In the People's Republic of China was established by the communist party. Cantopop features many songs which use foreign and traditional tunes to which new Cantonese lyrics have been written, including many of the songs of the s golden era. Another important reason of using cover versions is to minimise the production costs. Record companies have had a majority stake in the segment, and Hong Kong is considered the central hub of Cantopop in the world.

In s, the surge of Hong Kong pop wave expanded rapidly. Cantopop songs are almost invariably performed in Cantonese. We already have this email.