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Problems playing this file? The performance was via-satellite from Carey's tour at the time, which was broadcast onto a large screen.

The Official Charts Company. It shows many scenes of Carey laying on a submerged vessel in a large body of water, while lamenting her lost lover. Thats why think a lot of people felt very strongly about that song, because the emotion is clear when you listen to it.

The remix was performed live as a medley with the original during many of Carey's live concert tours. Further scenes show Carey laying on a large conch shell, wet and vulnerable. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Mariah Carey Walter Afanasieff. Carey later mentioned on her website that she would no longer record Spanish versions of her songs until she could verify the correct lyrics and pronunciation. Carey was inspired to write the song and use Latin inspired melodies after her trip to Puerto Rico, rangila re tere rang me mp3 song where she was influenced by the culture.

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Your email address will not be published. Notify me of new posts by email. After she presented him with the melody she had developed in Puerto Rico, he began playing chord changed on the piano, while Carey sang the tune and directed him.

As the scenes progress, Carey's love interest is seen atop a lighthouse in the middle of the ocean, searching for his lost companion. Select singles in the Format field. They begin to dance to music, while sipping on cocktails by the pool. For her Rainbow World Tour Carey performed the original version of the song, once again featuring the orchestra and live female background vocals.

Recording Industry Association of America. The song was written and produced by Carey and Walter Afanasieff. Additionally, Carey began incorporating other genres of music into her song-writing, assisting her in developing new ideas and melodies. She felt that part of what she was dropping was the shmaltzy pop singer ballad kind of stuff he was adamant about. This song made Carey the solo artist with the most number one singles in United States history.

The performance featured guitar player. Irish Recorded Music Association. Select Silver in the Certification field.

It also incorporates an intricate melodic phrasing. Afanasieff, who had developed relationships with the two of them, was caught in the middle. After they share an intimate moment, Carey is shown walking back on the trail of white flowers, smiling and happy.

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Carey began to infuse her personality into her work, something that showed throughout various tracks. Neither remix version was performed during the tour. When she arrived back to New York, she already had the melody developed, and soon began working on the song in San Francisco with Afanasieff. The guitarist was present during the song's recital throughout the entire tour, replacing the orchestra used during her television appearances. British Phonographic Industry.

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During the recording of the song, Carey and then husband Tommy Mottola were in the midst of their divorce. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. She felt that shutting her relationship with Tommy was also a cleansing of who she was. It begins with scenes of Carey and Dupri at a small in-home gathering, lounging and enjoying each other's company. As the video reaches its climax, scenes of Carey singing in an outdoor garden are shown, while the others join her on the pool deck.

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The single also features a version without any rap verses. Towards the video's climax, Carey and her love interest climb atop a lighthouse and caress each other under the night's sky. Credits and personnel adapted from the Butterfly liner notes. It was like being in a situation but you want to break free and you can't, so your confined yet you're releasing those emotion through the lyrics and the actual act of singing.

After the song's second verse, Carey and the man begin caressing each other, and embracing atop the lighthouse. As the video progresses, the other two featured hip-hop musicians appear at the house, alongside various other guests.

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It was at a melancholy point in my life and the song reflects the yearning that was going on inside of me. The second remix is a dance version mixed by David Morales.