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The documentary film takes an in-depth look at another side of the drug war, one often overlooked by mainstream U.

It also has sweet, tender moments punctuated with humor and dark violence. He wrote a script, set in his hometown of Concord, California and loosely based on his own life. There is food, a pink cake, laughter, and lots of presents.

But he longs to be a musician, a rapper, a reggaetonero. In the film, Haro goes about his day, telling stories about the perils of journalism in Mexico as he drives to take pictures of grisly crime scenes. Cuba, Spain As Havana becomes flooded with zombies, the Cuban government declares that the living dead are just dissidents paid by the U. His music was haunting, uplifting and melancholy.

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It took a couple of years to put together enough money to shoot his indie rom-com but he was determined to make it happen. Meanwhile, some bootleg copies of his albums made it to South Africa.

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And what is it that you guys are watching? They hang out, ride bikes, swap music, and do homework. In the documentary film Lemon, we get a peek into the personal life of Lemon Andersen during a time when he undoubtedly felt vulnerable. The success of the film even led to an appearance on the David Letterman show and a U.

Lemon bursts out laughing and runs to show his friends. Victor spends his days dreaming of owning a fancy cell phone and fantasizing about being a movie star. Suddenly, he is dodging police, thieves, and rival gangs. It seems as if he can never really escape his past. Sixto Rodriguez, dubbed the Chicano Bob Dylan, was an enigma, often performing with his back turned to the crowd and hiding behind dark glasses.

The film takes twists and turns, constantly surprising you. Finally, he decides to just be himself and it works. Yes, there are severed bodies and gallons upon gallons of splattered blood but the film is able to take the genre much further. Though lauded by the music industry his albums bombed, barely selling any copies and he was quickly dropped by his record label.

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But, one of the presents still has the anti-theft device on it. At other festivals the demand was so high extra screenings had to be added and it won numerous awards. The pain and anger of all the Zeta reporters is palpable when it is revealed that the gunmen were never brought to justice. She wanted to tell a story that reflected her own identity as a queer woman of color. In Searching for Sugar Man, two of his biggest fans go in search of Rodriguez, who remained clueless of his own rock stardom in South Africa.

It might just be the Latino Say Anything. And before you get all huffy, we chose to include films directed by American-born Latinos, Latin Americans, and by non-Latinos but on Latino subjects. They are fun, inspiring, hilarious, campy, stirring, thrilling, sensitive, bold, thoughtful, and portray Latinos in an authentic way, online dating advice for women first message far from Hollywood stereotypes. The youth who were protesting apartheid found refuge in his music and bought hundreds of thousands of copies.

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She juggles the relationships, trying to avoid one from finding out about the other. It received huge buzz when it screened at the Toronto Film Festival and broke box office records when it played in Paraguayan theaters this past summer.