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Application to Multimodal Volume Image Registration. Ablation of a galectin preferentially expressed in adipocytes increases lipolysis, reduces adiposity, and improves insulin sensitivity in mice. IgE-dependent mast cell activation potentiates airway responses in murine asthma models. Automatic subcortical structure segmentation using probabilistic atlas.

Deformable Model-based Image Registration. Robust Image Segmentation using Local Median.

Regularity-guaranteed transformation estimation in medical image registration. Segmentation guided registration for medical images. Quad-mesh Coordinate Modeling and its applications in Neuroimages.

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Distinguished Professor and Chair Emeritus

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Comparative transcriptomic analyses of atopic dermatitis and psoriasis reveal shared neutrophilic inflammation. Development of a whole-body-mouse statistical shape atlas for obesity research.

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Artifacts reduction in mutual information-based image registration using prior information. Improved predictive model for pre-symptomatic mild cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's disease.

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Non-Twist Regularization for Deformation Estimation. IgE immune complexes are more potent inducers than antigen alone of airway inflammation in a murine model.

Advances in Visual Computing. Galectins as novel modulators of tumor progression. He researches medical image analysis, machine learning, computer vision, human motion detection and classification, and shape modeling. Curve Skeleton-based Shape Representation and Classification.

Automatic Multiple Sclerosis detection based on integrated square estimation. Adaptive re-transmission scheme for wireless mobile networking and computing. Multimodal image registration using local frequency. Cell cycle regulation by galectin, i am tired of online dating a new member of the galectin superfamily.

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