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She's smarter on the level of Keima's intellect. Not only do writers have to analyze the aspects of the things that they are trying to parody in the first place, but they have to make all of the things that make a good comedy work.

Jokes all span out dealing with every day otaku tropes that are funny and also quite insightful in how it dabbles into gaming culture at large. Normally a story that attempts to bring a large main cast have a habit of not having an equal amount of focus for some characters, povesti cu barbi in limba romana online dating making them forgettable in the long run. It is a rare instance where genuine drama and wacky humor feel close at home together in one great package.

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But all in all, there is still plenty of wonderful humor to be found in The World God Only Knows and all in the name of the God of Conquest. Other times it pokes fun at it to the point of almost mocking it without it being too facetious with its own jokes, and they all add so much great humor within them. The two things that best describe how the parody really works in The World God Only Knows comes down to the writing and the actual artwork that Tamiki has within his talent. Although the manga is generally a comedy, it does have its great share of drama mixed in. These things include great comedic timing, sharp jokes that don't feel forced, and great pacing in-between comedy segments.

That is not to say it still pulls in satirical themes into those segments, at least in the first arc of the story. For a story that wants to be self-absurd with an atmosphere that wants to be fun and energetic in its humor, characters should be the one characteristic that should reign most important.

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Parody can be an extremely difficult comedic flavor to pull off perfectly. Now here's why The World God Only Knows sets its greatness to new heights is its lovable, but also hated in a few cases, protagonist, Keima Katsuragi. Even when there are moments where Keima might act irrational against what many would consider normal attitudes towards how romance is like, we still want him to succeed in his conquest.

Like I said before, the comedy is still hilarious throughout the entire manga with memorable scenes that all go down into straight up hilarity. Though the later plot arcs were not terrible by any means, there were also new characters that were still funny, they do not follow up as anything other than weak. The other soul capturing buddy is the hilarious tsundere devil, Haqua.