Taran attributes the rise in status of the eulogists to the loss of the contact between the clergy and the Iranian public. Some of the eulogists continued with their political involvement in the recent elections.

Some of the eulogists maintain ties with the Revolutionary Guards and the Basij. The website said that offensive statements and an outspoken style do not contribute to promoting a culture of healthy criticism among citizens, and they endanger the future of the country. An all-out assault on Khorramshahr was then launched by Iran, which captured two Iraqi defense lines in the Pol-e No and Shalamcheh region. Inside the Iranian Revolution.

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Cambridge University Press. In recent weeks, two prominent Iranian preachers have come out strongly against the Iranian president and the chairman of the Expediency Discernment Council. In this situation, the eulogists are replacing them as representatives of the public.

Liberation of Khorramshahr

The political atmosphere in the country and the growing public sympathy towards some of the famous eulogists have increased their entry into political affairs. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Iran retakes the city of Khorramshahr and pushes the Iraqis back to the border. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Liberation of Khorramshahr. The president, on his part, would meet regularly with eulogists who were close to him.

He also warned the members of the Majles not to allow this appointment if it is presented to them by Rowhani. The Iranians had even been forced to commit their reserves in order to keep on driving back the Iraqis.

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When preaching, the eulogists make use of singing and verse. Today, many clerics make do with their Friday sermons in mosques and avoid virtually any contact with citizens. The most prominent political eulogist is Haj Mansour Arzi.

On the other hand, Saddam Hussein was shocked and furious by the defeat in Khorramshahr and at the fact that the Iranians had pushed on despite sustaining heavy casualties. The growth of the eulogists and their involvement in politics after the revolution.

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Like Obama, Kerry apparently believes words are the same as actions. Citizens viewed them as central authority and also supported them financially. In the past, the clergy maintained good day-to-day relationships with citizens, visiting their homes, attending family events and meeting with them regularly. Elites and Shifting Relations. During his first term in office, President Ahmadinejad maintained good relationships with some of the eulogists.

The Impact of Purposeful Interference on U. Iranians had shown incredible determination. After the Islamic revolution, the activity of state-sponsored religious eulogists increased. The eulogists continued to support Ahmadinejad in the presidential elections and during the political crisis that broke out after the elections.

Meanwhile, the White House and State Department are mum about what else might be going on between the U. Operation Beit ol-Moqaddas. Duke University Press Books.

On The Campaign Trail Check the dates and see when we're in your town! In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The eulogists began to express severe criticism of the president and his office chief, attacking his economic, religious and social policies and accusing him of harming the values of Islam.

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Media reports on Tehran supplies to the Assad regime by air, bringing fighters to Syria two or three times a week. The most prominent political eulogist is radical eulogist Mansour Arzi. Iranians celebrate the anniversary of the liberation of Khorramshahr every year. The Iranians gathered near the Shatt al-Arab known as Arvand Rud in Iran waterway, surrounded the city and began a second siege. Many clerics prefer to appear on television, make speeches at mass meetings, teach courses, set up institutions or engage in management, and this impairs their ongoing contact with citizens.

At the same time, the conservative media has accused the eulogists of moral and economic corruption and has claimed that they earn very high and unjust salaries. Your contribution is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. In mid-October Mansour Arzi, one of the most prominent eulogists in Tehran, tds calculator strongly attacked Rafsanjani and wished him dead.

It is evident that the rise in the status of popular eulogists in recent years is a source of concern in the Iranian religious establishment. New Strategies to Secure U. In Iran itself, the Khamenei regime has vigorously renewed its oppression of the Iranian people. One of them even wished for the death of Rafsanjani.