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Or is something frightening afoot? This frustration reaches its climax when Georges fires Sophie for attempting to blackmail Melinda, who found out about her illiteracy. Jeanne leaves the crime scene and is killed in a car accident by the priest who had fired her from the charity she worked for.

Throughout the film Sophie avoids using the dishwasher, refuses to take driving lessons, buys fake eyeglasses, and has trouble giving a cashier the correct change.

Is Sophie falling under the spell of the charismatic Jeanne? Finding enduring truth in the line between love and fear, it redefined what a thriller could be.

The film ends with lines from W. He lifted the story from Ruth Rendell's classic thriller, A Judgement in Stone, translating it to a remote French village. Each film deals with female resilience in the face of overwhelming patriarchal aggression, but the theme is especially potent in the latter.

The end credits begin with the music of the opera that is being played back by a policeman on Melinda's tape-recorder, which Jeanne stole and put in her car. Even the title carries menacing connotations, implying that the horrifying finale is some kind of symbolic ritual or reckoning.

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Ronald Grant Archive France's master of suspense, Claude Chabrol, relishes every malevolent, icily controlled shot of this perfectly constructed thriller, right up to its terrifying, violent climax. It is a Claude Chabrol movie played out as a dream, with many of his auteurist traits taking on a peculiar slant amid the disorientating oneiric atmosphere. Though the film is an unlikely Cocteau-like detour into the realm of the fantastical, it is still guided by Chabrolian concerns. Les Bonnes Femmes Despite playing a central role in the nouvelle vague, company consolidating debt free Chabrol did not make a truly great film until the movement was drawing to a close.

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Bonnaire as severe as a scrubbed-clean saint and Huppert who keeps you guessing whether Jeanne is a harmless kook or seriously unhinged. He is a lonely teenager who loves reading and has a passion for arts in general. Gilles is Catherine's and her ex-husband's son.

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She also has a violent history. At the end of the credits, the gunshots can be heard on the tape and then the voices of Jeanne and Sophie, constituting evidence against them.