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Miiverse dating fail, the tables have turned!

It didn't last very long, but their conversations were recorded and placed on the web, which is where the two gained their popularity. Most of the time, a user will find such a post and troll it.

And that's where the fun started. How it Works In the beginning, a user usually posts a post that asks for a partner. The occasional female rarely male user again, often oork. Sometimes it really is just as simple as you used a word that this particular admin didn't like for whatever reason. Here we spot you giving their admins all the shit you can throw at them, and I can assume you probably never had issues with their admins prior to your first ban.

Miiverse Dating is also against the Miiverse Code of Conduct. She Um, what was gonna be there. She will date just about anyone.

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The tables have turned!

Another difference between the two YouTube series is that the episodes only cover dating posts, where Worst Posts on Miiverse covers many different types of posts. Then you got familiar with Miiverse, grew an ego, and thought it would be ok to make slip ups with the community rules and guidelines because self-acclaimed oldfags are untouchable sarcasm. While this happens in many Miiverse communities, dating a professional fighter it happens most frequently in the YouTube Community.

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It has become especially infamous on That's on Miiverse. After this, the two will possibly talk to each other in a chat room, become Miiverse friends, and Wii U Chat with each other. Due to this, dating posts have mostly died out from the YouTube Community, although there is the occasional date request.

You wanted see how far you could push the line, and make jabs at the admins along the way. Chances are you got too familiar with the community.

Sherrie claims to be a year-old woman, however, this is rather hard to believe due to her bad grammar. After a few minutes, a girl named Lexie showed up and Jackson asks her out. However, most relationships don't last long, and die out within a number of days.

Others, however, just slip up once and get chain admin notes for no real reason, which usually ends in a ban. In some cases he's not to far off. Sometimes this can go into a long-term relationship, but most of the time, a relationship on Miiverse ends quickly. Deleted by Administrator Deleted by administrator.

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