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But by the end of it all, it isn't the basics of the story that's important, it's all the progress you've made with the characters and their own personal resolutions. All of them are exceptionally well done. It was pretty neat to see the same conflict mirrored later with Dearka and Yzak too. Also, this series was one of the first in a long time to surprise me so much with things happening in the story.

The introspection music is interesting and intriguing! It's just fantastic all around.

The frame rate is low, the proportion are sometimes warped, and the details are always shallow. The Japanese cast, on the other hand, is top notch.

In fact, for the first half of the series, it seriously surprised me just how much of a crybaby Kira was. The tragic music makes the already tragic scene ten times more touching. Both of the protagonists are split between a side that has to fight and a side that hurt because of everything that's happening. So many people die that at some point, you kind of started wondering if anyone was actually going to live! Its influence, popularity, and historic value is simply through the roof.

Amuro, as mentioned above, is a very well-developed character. The promo was said to be so riveting that Bandai decided to use it as the official promo for the series. Akira Ishida as Athrun remains one of my favorite performances ever, and Souichiro Hoshi as Kira was pretty great too. Fans will recognize the buzzing sound of the beam saber as well as blast of the beam rifle from miles away.

Yes, even the minor characters, which is definitely a rarity in anime. People you really didn't expect to die died. The long journey aboard the White Base exposes Amuro to many ugly facets of war far beyond the destruction of his home and the loss of life. The characters come to life and everything else falls into place behind that.

The cruelty and tragicness of pitting friend against friend works very well here, and I know I've said before that I'm just a sucker for this kind of stuff. Indeed, one might venture to say that our male protagonists depended much more on their female counterparts than the other way around, as is traditionally the case. Another sequel manga detailing the future of the colonies entitled Tiel's Impulse was printed in and has not been published in the United States.

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After all the stoic personalities in Gundam Wing, it was incredible for me to see characters that would actually cry. It may not be perfect, increase in online dating statistics relationships but it definitely deserves its lofty status in the history of anime as a proven classic. The Glory of Losers that retells the events of the anime while incorporating facts from Episode Zero and the novel Frozen Teardrop.

The dub was nothing spectacular certainly, but it was decent. There's nothing else really worth noting, but it certainly isn't an ugly series.

Endless Waltz premiered on Cartoon Network in the U. Due to the closure of Bandai Entertainment, the series was out-of-print for sometime. And as soon as one conflict was resolved, another would present itself.

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What lies in question is the modern viewer's enjoyment of the aged classic. It would be exhausting to go through the list of other characters, though many of them are also important and very relevant. He was easy to relate to and never grew out of reach like Kira did. All of them have dimension and depth and develop throughout the series. This dub was produced by Bandi Entertainment and the voice work was done by Ocean Productions.

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But it worked for his character, so even though he kind of turned into a godmodding, self-righteous bastard later on, it was okay. The poor guy was in constant turmoil, which was really great to see. That statement may bode well in Japan, as this series was wildly popular, but I'm disappointed to see that it failed miserably in the States. The battle music is strong and epic! Throughout the entire series, he was in conflict.

The animation itself is pretty average, and I'm still waiting for the day when explosions in the distance graduate from looking like Pacman, but oh well. In addition to the war, one of the strongest story points for me was the conflict between Athrun and Kira. Even when these antagonists bite the dust, the viewer would still feel for them. On several occasions, even. The root of the war, while decidedly trivial to some extent, is simple.

All three instrumental soundtracks are well worth getting! Kira aside, for me, Athrun was the most interesting character and had the most depth.