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It served as a port for neighbouring Lithuania, benefiting from its location near the mouth of the Neman, with wheat as a profitable export. It became the main town of the Diocese of Curonia, with a cathedral and at least two parochial churches, but the development of the castle became the dominant priority. In November a small Swedish army invaded Prussian territory, does dating mean seeing other people but was unable to capture the fortress of Memel. Master Conrad von Thierberg used the fortress as a base for further campaigns along the Neman River and against Samogitia.

This name was adopted by speakers of German and also chosen for the new city founded further away at the lagoon. It remained the central point of the Baltic timber-trade.

The books were then smuggled over the Lithuanian border. The reasons for this were mostly political. It was the onset of a long period of prosperity for the city and port. After this war ended, the maintenance of the fortress was neglected, but the town's growth continued.

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Owing to the absence of heavy industry in the s and s, the population of Memel stagnated, although wood manufacturing persisted as the main industry. The specialisation in wood manufacturing guaranteed Memel's merchants income and stability for more than a hundred years.