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She refuses and defends Sakthivel's acts. Kamal Haasan Saranya Karthika. For other uses, see Nayakan disambiguation. It has the stamp of nativity.

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When they close the case as suicide, Sakthivel is angered knowing the truth and murders Kelkar. The film also stars Saranya Ponvannan in her film debut. Dumm Dumm Dumm motion picture.

It stars Kamal Haasan and Saranya in lead roles. Accolades Filmography Madras Talkies. Although Ratnam and Haasan wanted Srinivasan to release the film uncut, he felt audiences would never see the entire film due to its length, so he requested the film's editor B. It was such a dramatic story, this man going from Tamil Nadu to Bombay and ruling the city. The cop Guru Riteesh talks to her but is distracted by another problem and so Sandhya has to bank on Shakti again.

Surya follows Sakthivel's footsteps which makes him feel proud. As a part of its legacy, the film has been acclaimed for being a box-office success whilst containing the critic elements of art. He later takes care of Kelkar's family which consists of his wife and a mentally challenged son Ajit.

The Moving Arts Film Journal. Ratnam, after watching the film, met Haasan and initially rejected the offer, citing that a story based on Pagla Kahin Ka was not his cup of tea. The test shoots featured Haasan in his get-ups seen in the film, photo editor transparent background but they did not make it to the final version of the film.

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Nayagan masstamilan

Sakthivel's power and command gradually increases in Dharavi as he voices out in support of local people which gains him huge popularity among the masses. Nayakan received critical acclaim.

In the scene where Haasan chases the inspector, he uses his own bottle of sugar glass, which he had brought from the United States. However Ananthu, then an associate of Haasan, felt that it would be a Ganesan-focused film and not a Haasan film. Some years later, a new assistant commissioner of police is deputed in Bombay to eliminate the gangsters and his first target is Sakthivel. Venkateswaran bought the rights of the film after Srinivasan distributed the film. People in the Matunga belt thought he was God.

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Thota Tharani converted the building's exterior into a brothel and used the opposite end of the building for Velu's house location. The assistant commissioner too learns that his wife is Sakthivel's daughter and suspects that she might help her father to flee from the police. Sakthivel absconds and his allies are arrested.

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His demand for a bigger commission from the smugglers makes them furious and they involve a police inspector Kelkar to arrest Hussain and kill him in jail. The test shoots, however, helped to get the technical aspects of the film on the right track. Theatrical release poster. Through Charumathi, Sakthivel informs her husband about his hide out place and is arrested.

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An anti-government union leader's only son Sakthivel is arrested by the police to find his whereabouts. Because the song was going to be repeated throughout the film, they also wanted a more orchestral version, and in this version sung by Haasan, the language became more sophisticated.

But when Surya is killed by a gang during a clash, Charumathi blames Sakthivel for the deaths of Neela and Surya. Surya and Charumathi return to Bombay as adults after education. He preferred Haasan in traditional Hindu attire.

Charumathi disowns her father and leaves his home. Amala and Kamal Haasan were also confirmed to act. Sensitivity is its hallmark. Sakthivel is produced in the court and is exonerated due to lack of valid and strong evidence.

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Yet, it is not an Art film. The film was dubbed in Telugu under the title Nayakudu. But Ajit is shocked after learning the truth.

Through writer Mathiolli Shanmugam, Srinivasan met Mudaliar, who gave him a letter, after which the censor appellate board at Bombay permitted the release of the film. You're happy you don't have to go back to that script again. Ilaiyaraaja and Kamal Haasan. Film critic Baradwaj Rangan asked Ratnam whether this change was an indication to the eventual refinement of Velu Nayakan.

When Sakthivel meets his father, the police kill the latter. You can help by adding to it. The assistant commissioner meets Kelkar's wife and the now grown-up Ajit and requests to disclose the truth behind her husband's death in the court.

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When Srinivasan appealed to the revising committee at Bombay, they said that they would permit the release of the film he produced a letter stating that it was not based on Mudaliar's life. When the film was completed and the first print was ready, it ran for three hours.

His rival smugglers in Bombay try to murder Sakthivel in an attack but Neela is killed instead. He collects all the evidence needed for the arrest of Sakthivel. They trick Sakthivel into believing them as his well-wishers and release him.