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Once, he also went after the Plasma Spark energy. The film was directed by Yuichi Abe. As the Crisis Impact took place, his determination was held back by his father before King merged himself with the universe, preventing it from collapsing.

After the events of the movie, a fully healed Run was separated from Zero, and has no recollection of the moments when Zero possessed him, much to Nao's dismay. When the group was informed by Zoffy that Gilbaris had targeted Geed's Earth as the next planet to judge and reset, they arrived at the Side Space Universe to stop the threat.

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However, in placing the final piece to the shield, the shield to disintegrate into sand as a result of time passes for centuries, shocking and saddening the heroes for their journey being wasted. This form gives Zero chest armor and a sword on his right arm in addition to more power. His first transformation is forced upon him as his entire body is dragged up and he starts spinning with his arms spread out. It also bears a large cross symbol on its front layer. On Planet Esmeralda, Belial's Legionoid Army is causing destruction and attacking a group of rebels who are trying to attack.

Initially believed to have sealed Belial in his own dimensional tear, the fiend managed to escape and descended to Earth. Just as the war was about to end, an unknown warrior appeared and faced Dark Lugiel, but like the others he was also turned into a Spark Doll.

Run as portrayed in the movie. Nozomu Taiga as portrayed in the movie.

Thus, its status as a rise sequence is debatable. Jack simply wins before Zero returned to the narration and brings the viewers to several clips featuring Ultra Warriors and their respective weapons. In his third transformation, Run's body spins as on the ribbons appear circling around him as Zero's body envelops him and the Zero Sluggers appear after that. At this state, his identity was remained mysterious at that time. Both sworn enemies fought once more but Belial used all of the emeralds he stolen to transform into Arch Belial.

Although the mask was originally molded integrally with the head, Zero and Belial were structured out of plane. His training took place during Belial's second and successful attempted theft of Plasma Spark. Reuniting with Ultimate Force Zero, the Ultra finally knew the purpose of his new power as they left. While Dyna and Cosmos were forced to revert to their human hosts, Zero instead died once more but the three Ultra hosts managed to unite into Ultraman Saga and destroy the monster. Episodes and features Ultraman Zero as the narrator with bonus original clips that include him alongside Showa Ultra Warriors.

Ultraman Zero The Revenge of Belial

Ultraman ZeroUltraman Zero

When the Plasma Spark was returned, Zero reunited and reconciled with his revived father again. After Ginga defeated Lugiel, all of the Ultras and Kaiju returned to normal and went back home.

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He was trained under Ultraman Leo after he was banished from the Land of Light by his father for attempting to take the Plasma Spark for himself. After he managed to sever Black King's horn, Zero tried to chase Bandero by attacking him but X stopped him, since Bandero also brought a human escort. In the end, Zero finally found the purpose of his powers before returning to his comrades.

Zero arrived only to have a mortally wounded Seven die in his arms. The act greatly exhausted him and was unable to recall earlier incidents but in the end joined his comrades in returning home as they tried to pick a new name for Pigmon. Zero waved goodbye to his new comrade and continued his journey as the lights on the dark side of the planet Earth were turned back on.

Ultraman Zero The Revenge of Belial

The Blue Planet Cosmos vs. The Belial Galactic Empire. This allowed him to mature and become a much better Ultra and protector, though he still retains his cocky demeanor at times.

Please edit with the text-based editor instead. Zero fought him and ended up being banished by Darklops Zero to another reality. Taiga himself had a hatred for Ultramen due to his past, which explained his reluctance to use Zero's power.

Along their way, the heroes meet The Pirates of Flames. Ultraman Zero proceeds to head back to his home Universe, but has a change of heart when Glenfire, Mirror Knight, and Jean-Bot urge him to stay.

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However, in doing so Ultraman Zero is forced to assume the identity of Nao's brother, Run to both keep the heavily wounded Run alive as well as to conserve energy. As Shining Ultraman Zero, uc browser 8.4 for java phones it is light blue in colour.

While in the midst of the battle, Dark Lugiel appeared and turned every Ultra alongside their allies, monsters and aliens into Spark Dolls. After being spared from Jean-bird's memory wiping process.