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Stallone's action scene, where he bashes up the goons will be will loved by one and all. Annuuuu Mallliiiikkk - dear Lord.

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Its not the money that i fear, will be wasted. The stunts were unimpressive and not really required. But alas, music is more pathetic than the movie itself.

Its hard to know exactly where Akshay Kumar's career started to really hit the sewerage farm. Kambakkht Ishq is a very cheap comedy. Add for good measure a beauty and a gangster and the trouble is no one can be trusted. It also has a poor screenplay as shown by the poorly written dialogues and uninteresting characters.

Post success streak that became his style. No point hailing her as a superstar, we all know how her acting has deteriorated over the years. On that same note, yesterday I read the producers of Namaste London suing the Bengali filmmaker for copyright infringement.

If you're looking for longing looks or montages in front of exotic places, you're mostly going to be disappointed. Akshay Kumar gets checked Kambakkht Ishq. Was this scene supposed to be comic? But Vindu Dara Singh's role as Tiger who is co-stuntman of Viraj, is completely well balanced and justified to his character. Actors like Javed Jaffri, Boman Irani and Kirron Kher are seen on roles which are poorly written and absolutely make no sense in the movie.

Unfortunately, you will not find it here. The movie is neither a comedy, nor a romantic one. The problem with Kambakkht Ishq is that it's a senseless film. His performance is better than other roles he has been offered, and he proudly handled playing his role along with some renowned Hollywood celebrities like Stallone, Denise Richards or Holly Valance.

After the movie started, my misery also started. It is a typical bollywood crap of a movie showing how desperate bollywood directors, producers and actors are that they would do just about anything to associate themselves with Hollywood. Mr Balboa just happens to be walking by at that time. The plan backfires out of a police raid and Kamini and Lucky end up in divorce court where the judge puts them on a three-month probation and marriage counselling. Following the surgery, Viraj overhears the truth and leaves.

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Latest Hindi Songs Lyrics. Kambakht Ishq is an illogical flick its just cheap n head paining.

According to me, the most minus point in the movie is with short role of Boman Irani. Much before he struck gold I always carried an opinion that give him a nickel and Akshay delivers in dimes. He has such great acting potential last seen in Hera Pheri and Namaste London. Instead of Kareena, they should have gone for any voluptuous babe with sexy figure like Bipasha, Shilpa or even Deepika. Kambakkht Ishq - Airport Comedy Scene.

For fans of Akshaye Kumar, please avoid this flick if you want to remain his fan for long. Calling it the worst movie ever will be giving it the importance it does not deserve. As the characters roll on it is not hard to guess or predict as to what can we see in the next few scenes. But you will get to see a brawl at a wedding reception, women getting hit randomly, and someone getting kicked in the crotch.

Kambakht Ishq is more irritating than entertaining. Akshay kumar kisses kareena hot Kambakht Ishq hindi movie scene. The secret chanter Kambakkht Ishq Movie Scene. Kambakkht Ishq, is not a comedy movie if you think it is. Kambakkht Ishq - Sylvester Stallone cameo.

Karsh Kale, Anushka Manchanda. It will also be the first promotional song.

Akshay is going down the line. This movie is awful, just about everything in the move is bad. Upon realising her mistake, Simrita helps Lucky and Kamini reconcile and decides to confess her love for Viraj at the wedding ceremony. Talented actors like Kirron Khan and Jaaved Jaffery are wasted in apologetic roles. Whoever thought the Keswani character was a good idea should be taken outside and beaten to death.

Enjoy a night in with these popular movies available to stream now with Prime Video. The songs are lousy and definitely something that you would love to fastforward if given a chance. The cinematography and editing was good, anno 2070 and so were three of the songs.

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So they go out hurling abuse on the opposite sex without any justification. Akshay Kumar, Asin, Himesh Reshammiya. But Akshay is so normal and interesting, though I'm not his fan. From the Hollywood brigade there is Sylvester Stallone, Denise Richards, Branden Routh, i think all of them are wasted to some extent, they should have be given some more meaty role.

Having said that, there was immense potential to improvise - but hey, who am I to say! Kareena Kapoor's close dance - Kambakkht Ishq.

First he pins them to a wall by pushing a car against them with his bare hands. How the hell did a superstar like Sylvester Stallone wind up in the middle of a gang-way alley to save Bebo from gangsters?

Coming to the grand budget of the movie, it had a highly supportive producer who actually spent more than required on the project, to make it look glossy, majestic and larger than life. And the movie does have the Royal look with all those famous Hollywood actors featuring in it for the first time. In the very next shot Kareena Kapoor is shown with long nails and pink nail polish. Firstly, in a movie based on the life of a Hollywood Stuntman, you don't find any amazing stunts and action sequences performed by Akshay Kumar.