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Han Wen Wen Ken seems to have a penchant for dating women with curvy figures. The two of them were reportedly dating each other for almost six months now, starting around February of this year. It was also in when Vic started dating his current girlfriend Reen Yu. So far, this has been his longest relationship to date as none of his past relationships lasted for more than two years. Si visits her to invite her to Hawaii on vacation, nz dating sites auckland which she rejects.

At present, Jerry is still single sans rumors with anyone. Are we now looking at the future Mrs. Since then Ady has been starring in C-drama after C-drama, a good mix of period and modern fare, and raking in the dough doing so. Like they always have been.

This time she was lured back by her former agency which is bankrolling a production and supposedly she lowered her standard asking price to do this more as a favor. Si finally stops when she starts to cry. My affection for Mike is thisclose to getting flushed down the toilet completely, but news of this pairing perks me up considerably. So I guess this means Mike is still not ready to enlist in the army?

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Si does not believe her until he has a epiphany a day later. She shows up hours late, having decided to go at the last second. Better to do that than to pull an Andy Lau denial act. Shan Cai and Si experience several ups-and-downs as they get to know one another. In fact, so private he was that for the next four years, he had kept his intimate relationships away from the media and the public eye.

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Arissa Cheo Vanness has always been identified with Arissa for the longest time, with only Vivian Hsu as his other notable past girlfriend. Ken Chu and Han Wen Wen were seen together at a shopping mall, sparking reports that the two are in a relationship. Shan Cai is hurt that her friend would stab her in the back. Si becomes jealous and bullies Shan Cai. It took Ken quite some time to totally get over Kelly Lin.

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The next morning, she wakes up in a hotel. After Si sees it, Shan Cai asks him to trust her. At the same time, Shan Cai witnesses Lei confessing his love to Jing. The part was offered to Jerry Yan, who said he would consider it but never followed up, and Bolin Chen, who declined immediately since he has a packed movie schedule this year. The events of the last few days finally gets to Shan Cai.

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Qing He later confronts Si and challenges him to a round of fishing. He also sees Reen as a suitable marriage partner for him in the very near future. Since breaking up with long term girlfriend Kelly Lin, hardly any of his past relationships lasted longer for more than a year.

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Lei becomes depressed by the prospect of her imminent departure. Shan Cai tries to convince Jing to stay for Lei's sake. Outside, Lei saves Shan Cai from being assaulted by two guys. That night, Shan Cai accidentally kisses Si at his party. Shan Cai later attends Jing's birthday party.

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She declares that she will not be bullied by anyone. Shan Cai later returns to the roof, where she finds an angry Si. The untimely death of Beatrice Hsu had greatly affected Vic Chou.

Kevin Tsai Asks Barbie Hsu If They Could Talk About Her Ex Vic Zhou

When Lei swoops in to save her, Si ends his friendship with him. Some media started calling him now as a diamond bachelor alongside Louis Koo, although he still has two more years before he officially becomes one. He goes to her work and saves her from being assaulted by two guys. While searching for shelter, they are trapped in an elevator and spend the night together.

Vanness Wu has been married with Singaporean socialite Arissa Cheo for two years now. He grabs her wrists and forces a kiss on her. At the airport, everyone, except Lei, says goodbye to Jing.

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However, a photo of Shan Cai and Thomas in bed begins circulating. His most notable relationship from then until now has always been with Lin Chi-ling.

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Si asks Shan Cai on a date, but she does no hear him over the planes. He falls for her, while she has a crush on his friend, Hua Ze Lei Chen.